Sunday, September 11, 2011

frankblackfrancis - part 2

Before I started the frankblackfrancis painting, I had an idea to take a photo at different stages as I was working on it and somehow turn that into a short movie I could post here. It was actually a pain shooting the photos as I had to first, remember to stop and take them, and when I did it messed with the trance I tend to work in. I've never taken photos of the progress of a painting before but I'm glad I did as it was fun to see how it all came together.

Once again I asked my super talented brother Dave Coleman (see our other collaboration here) to create some music I could use for this movie to make it cooler, and man did he do excellent job! I just wanted something fast and punk-ish to go with the quick changes as the photos race by and he delivered. Dave scored his first indie feature length film called Android Re-Enactment and has awesome music you can listen to here and here. Thanks for helping me Dave, you rocked the h out of that s!

It is so exciting to do these little projects together that we talked about starting a production company and doing some serious work. Like for money. Anyway we've called it Like the Stove Productions and there is a story there I'll tell you later.

Oh and you might notice that there is a guitar headstock penciled in on the right side of the painting for most of the movie and then it gets covered over. That was due to a birthday deadline I had to meet so I took it out in the final hours to finish on time. Just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

frankblackfrancis - part 1

Okay, it is safe to say I have been obsessed with the Pixies/Frank Black (AKA Black Francis) for about the last 2 years. If you aren't aware of how amazing they are you should do yourself a favour and check them out. My brother and I got to see the Pixies in Kitchener, ON this past April, on their Canadian Doolittle tour, and man it was the best concert I have ever been to. That's right I said it, the best.

It could have been that night after the concert that my brother and I had a conversation about artwork and how he might like a print of something of mine for his apartment. It wasn't until about a month before his birthday that I got the idea to paint something just for him. So after many late nights painting and stressing over whether he (and his girlfriend) would really want a picture of the Pixies frontman in the living room, I finished the above painting. It is 18" x 24" acrylic on canvas.

I think he liked it and it did in fact find a home on his living room wall. Happy Birthday Dave. Oh, and there was a little inside joke on the painting to his wonderful girlfriend Kato, but you'll have to ask her about that.