Saturday, June 28, 2008

10 Seconds of Terror

The TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society) had an open call to submit a 10 second animated film for their Monster Edition of their TAIS showcase. Anyone could enter a film as long as it was some form of animation, had monsters as it's theme, and was only 10 seconds long. They would then edit all the clips together to make a  "MonsterJam" animated  film to be screened along with some other short films at the NFB Mediatheque in Toronto. You had me at monsters!

I have wanted to try my hand at animation for sometime and this seemed like a good excuse to do it. So for 2 months in my spare time (which there isn't much) I made this stop motion paper cutout animated monster movie. I recruited my brother Dave Coleman, who is just beginning a career in film scoring and sound design, to compose the music and he did a brilliant job! The music made it come to life better than I imagined, thanks little bro!

So the screening was last night (June 27/08) and my brother and I attended the show. We were late arriving and the show was sold out but we were able to stand in the back of the theatre and watch all the films. There were so many cool monster ones in the jam, and it was a thrill to see ours among them in that setting. There were some really neat monster prizes and although we didn't win anything, I still had such a blast just going and hanging out with my brother in the city. 

I'll post some "making of photos" later and if you want to see a better, bigger version of it just go here.


Joy Manoleros said...

Love it! It's called limited animation, and it works perfectly for your piece. THe music is fantabulous... ask your brother if he'd be willing to compose other snippits for student animators to use....

Steve Coleman said...

Hi Joy Ely,

Thanks for checking out my animation, it was a lot of work for only 10 seconds! My brother is working on scoring a film right now but he should have more time once it is finished. I'll make sure I ask him!