Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mail Me Art - Short & Sweet

Looks like it's Mail Me Art time again! This is my second contribution (here is the first) to the Mail Me Art project run by Darren Di Lieto from The Little Chimp Society. You had to be invited this time to participate and I was lucky to be one of the chosen. There will be a gallery exhibition and book launch later this year at The Framers Gallery in London, England featuring the envelopes of the 200 artist from all over the world that have mailed in artwork. I just took my envelope to the post office today, hope it arrives safely. Godspeed little envelope that I spent 3 nights in a row staying up until 2am painting this week. The title of this piece is "Algernon Shovel and the Snow Beasts of Wellington County".

1 comment:

Kato said...

I say we pack up the entire fam and go to the showing at the gallery :P

Once again, you have created a masterpiece Steve!